Does my exhibit have any problem with the terms and conditions?

Please make your own judgment on your own responsibility after referring to the Terms and Conditions and the terms of the platform VRChat.

Please make your own judgment on your own responsibility. We cannot answer individual questions.

On exhibiting, please make sure to read hte Terms and Conditions of Exhibition of the Virtual Market 6, especially 2.Items Prohibited From Exhibiting and 3.Representation and Warranty of Exhibit, as well as the terms of the event platform VRChat including the Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines.

Please also note that in case your exhibition was canceled or your exhibit was removed due to being judged to be in violation of these terms, the exhibition fee payed will not be returned.

While the limitations on these terms should be judged on a case by case basis by the Virtual Market organizers and the platform, there have been cases where the following exhibits are either refused exhibition beforehand or removed based on the Terms and Conditions.

  • Items implying child pornography
  • Items implying child prostitution
  • Items not appropriate for 13 years old players, the minimum age eligible for VRChat usage.
  • Items with the primary objective of advertisement and inducement for services operated by corporate entitties not directly related to the Virtual Market or the event platform.
    Note that it is prohibited for corporate entities to exhibit as a General Exhibitor except for special cases.