World Modeler KUMAGAI, Kululu / Concept Art Kakita / BGM Composer FlowersRite

Souks of Sunlight “Carayol”

At the heart of the desert lies a lone oasis. On its bank is a withered altar, nameless and its faith long forgotten. The altar, though no one is there to light it, shoots a towering pillar of flame once summer is around the corner. Once the altar is lit ablaze, caravaneers and travel companions gather as if congregating around the light. This gathering in the desert had become an annual festival at some point, called the Souk of Sunlight “Carayol,” souk meaning an open desert market. Us humans thrive by the arcanum ruins of mysticism, facing the two sides of mother nature, both harsh and loving. Differing values and symbolism cross paths in this carnival of thirst and prosperity.

Key Words:
Desert Oriental Rocky Oasis Ruin Sand storm Caravan Balloon Fire