World Modeler Musha / Concept Art Rapt / BGM Composer ridesan

Everlasting Nightlife Quarter “Kuja Market“

It was once a nameless place, nothing more than a dumping ground. In these wastes, drifting wanderers settled with each having their own tale to tell. To eat, to survive, residents of this realm come out during the night, setting up countless stalls to earn the daily change. Eventually, the stalls turned into shops, housings stacked on top, and rebuilt and extended both horizontally and vertically. The unnamed slum, once forgotten by the rest of the world, had grown into a colossal city. Nowadays, the city is called “Kuja Market,” a sightseeing staple drawing travelers from around the world as one of the most extensive nightlife quarters in Asia.

Key Words:
Night market Underground Neon Street stall Lantern Slam Nightlife Asian Kowloon